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Education should be
for discovery, not for approval.


To learn what you
don't know, you must be willing to go into the unknown.


Nomads are people who know how to move with the seasons to find good grounds for their flocks: they extend hospitalities
to others whom they meet on their way; they are able to carry with them everything they really need


Nomad University
is your class reunion
from the future.


Fredric Lehrman grew up in mid-Manhattan, within a triangle defined by Grand Central Station, the United Nations, and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. His window looked north from the fourteenth floor. He sat for hours gazing at tiny people and traffic in the streets below, and watching the lights appear in the immense skyscrapers as night fell.

His father, Hal Lehrman, was a well-known foreign correspondent, president of the Overseas Press Club, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The childhood home was a meeting place for diplomats, expatriate writers, editors, artists, and political refugees. As a young boy, Fredric listened to voices from other lands telling stories about life in faraway places, and heard things that made him realize that newspapers don't tell everything.

His mother was an executive in the fashion industry. Fredric spent many afternoons following her through Bloomingdales, Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue  learning to see what was new.

Between the ages of six and ten, he became fascinated with a series of diverse topics, and used every spare second to read about and practice what he was teaching himself. In sequence, these obsessions were: horseback riding, bird watching, Native American culture and history, Sherlock Holmes, and classical music. He found the guitar at age nine, and hearing the great Spanish master Andres Segovia at age ten isnpired him to make that his first career.

His formal education was somewhat unusual even for a New Yorker. He started at Hunter College Elementary School, which had an experimental program for children, where he took lots of tests and got very good at guessing. He then attended the Rudolf Steiner School, where besides French and German from eighth grade, he learned how to spin wool, to weave, sew, carve wood and sing Bach cantatas. From there he went on to major in Musicology at Columbia University, with graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania.

Around this academic track were woven extensive private studies in music with master teachers of the guitar, cello, and voice. He was the first classical guitarist to be invited to participate in the Marlboro Music Festival in Vermont. He studied Japanese music with Koto master Shinichi Yuize, and Kirana-style singing with the great North Indian vocalist, Pandit Pran Nath.

He was three times awarded grants by foreign governments (France, Germany, and Italy) for study in their country.

For nine years he was a senior student of the reknowned T'ai Chi master Cheng Man-ch'ing, and founded several permanent schools of T'ai Chi Chuan in major U.S. cities, including a special T'ai Chi program at Naropa Institute that has continued for 40 years. He has explored many other techniques of conscious evolution and systems of biological energy, and has traveled world-wide as a consultant and seminar leader on topics related to education, health, business psychology, and relationship dynamics.

He became interested in new education concepts, visited many experimental schools and taught in a wide variety of classroom settings. Among these have been the Lewis-Wadhams School in upstate New York; Simon's Rock School in Great Barrington, Massachusetts; the Solebury School, Solebury, Pennsylvania; the University of Florida in Gainesville; the School of the Arts in Halifax, Nova Scotia; the Mannes College of Music, New York City;  Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado; Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York; and Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. While working at these schools he formulated the principles which evolved into Nomad University, an explorative learning environment designed around outstanding teachers and adventurous students.

He has designed programs and taught jointly with many leading thinkers, among whom are Marilyn Ferguson, Jose Arguelles, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Barbara DeAngelis, Peter Russell, Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna, Lynne Twist and other leaders in the arts and cultural fields.

He has also engaged in many entrepreneurial projects. He was a director of Domain, Ltd., a real estate company in Pennsylvania; a partner in the Arnolfini Emprise, a development firm in upstate New York; a director of the Sky Self-Education Foundation in San Diego, specializing in cultural trend analysis; a director of Granite Bay Institute, a 'pataphysical consulting firm based in New York City; and was active in venture capital funding for new technologies.  As a consultant his clients have included Microsoft, 3M Corporation, Celestial Seasonings Tea Company; Ellen Burstyn; the Center for Soviet-American Dialogue; and the original Banana Republic Clothing Store. His popular seminar, Life as Art, has helped students of all ages to integrate artistic sensibility in all their activities. He was a Senior Trainer for many cutting-edge programs in relationship dynamics, business psychology, and global innovation, and has led cultural tours to many important sites on five continents.

Through his experiences in these diverse educational and business settings, as well as his concentrated and extended apprenticeships with master teachers from various cultures, Fredric has integrated a unique worldview. His students find that interaction with him leads to a heightened ability to educate themselves in all situations, and to trust their own sensibilities in evaluating information and in setting personal priorities.

He is the author of The Sacred Landscape, published by Celestial Arts, a similar book for children, Loving the Earth, a photographic book for the Royal Swedish Ballet entitled The Luminous Body: Ballet and the Dancer, and the soon to be published Past Life Photography: the Work of Sandor Fotocelli. His two audio CD courses on financial psychology, entitled Prosperity Consciousness and Inner Factors That Control Outer Success, have been foundational for much of the current conversation on these topics. He lectures internationally on planetary trends and human dynamics, and coordinates Nomad University programs around the world. He is also the founder of Art&Spirit, a new concept in museum design.

Fredric has resided in Seattle, Washington since 1981. Other interests include alternative futures, and dragon farming.



While the Nomad University caravan has been on the road since 1974, its travels in Cyberspace are just beginning. Please return to our oasis frequently for updates.

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